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Funded Programmes


For over 20 years IG Consultants Ltd has continued to maintain a long standing association with the Department of Trade and Industry as consultants for the following schemes:

Current Schemes

SMART (Technology Strategy Board) Support for innovative SME’s
Smart is a grant scheme which offers funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) to engage in R&D projects in the strategically important areas of science, engineering and technology. Three types of grant are available:

  • Proof of Market
  • Proof of Concept
  • Development of Prototype

MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service)
Grants of £300-£3000 towards smaller improvement projects

Previous Schemes

1995 > 2007

Investigating an Innovative Idea 2004-7(3i)
A consultancy scheme aimed at helping businesses to investigate new product or process concepts and to develop action plans to support the implementation of a new project.

MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service 2001)
A consultancy scheme aimed at helping businesses to investigate new product or process concepts and to develop action plans to support the implementation of a new project.

SMART (Technology Reviews and Studies Programme - 2000)
A consultancy scheme to review the use of a company's technology opportunities leading to innovative products and/ or processes.

SPICE (Strategic Planning and Implementation for Competitive Edge - 1999)
A large scale consultancy scheme designed and delivered to support SMEs develop strategies to implement advanced technologies for competitive advantage. Projects involved analysis, strategic development, planning and implementation.

1985 > 1994

MPI (Manufacturing Planning and Implementation Scheme 1988-94)
A large scale consultancy scheme to support SME's to evaluate and introduce advanced manufacturing technology for competitive advantage. Projects typically involved analysis and evaluation, planning and implementation stages. Duration of projects was anything up to 2½ years.

EIS (Enterprise Initiative Scheme 1988-94)
Consultancy support scheme for SME's. Areas of support included:

  • Business Planning
  • Marketing
  • Financial and Management Information Systems
  • Design
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Quality

These were all small scale projects lasting a maximum of 20 days (15 day advisory programme of work and 5 days to support implementation).

BTAS (Business Technical and Advisory Scheme 1986-89)
A consultancy scheme which focused on three key functions for manufacturing:

  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality

Applicants would select one of these functions, analyse and implement best practice with government funding for external consultants. The size of the project tended to be large to medium scale.

AMT (Advanced Manufacturing Technology Scheme 1985-88)
A two stage consultancy programme aimed at manufacturing companies:

A Feasibility Study to establish:

  • Potential benefits of implementing leading edge technology in a manufacturing environment. Typical systems included CAD CAM, CAPM (Computer Aided Production Management), Manufacturing Simulation, Process Plant Simulation, Cellular Manufacture etc.
  • Cost of alternative systems
  • Internal/ management/ training costs and implementation.
  • Project Planning and Implementation to Support :
  • Project management
  • Implementation including ITT (Invitation To Tender) evaluation of potential suppliers, quotations.
  • Establishing project management teams.

1975 > 1984

CADCAM (Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacturing 1978-85)
A scheme to evaluate the potential for manufacturing companies implementing computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing technology.

MAPCON (Microprocessor Application Consultancy Scheme 1979-84)
This scheme involved support in the use of the new microprocessor technology in developing new products and process methodologies and included process simulation.