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  • Emergency lighting guidance system with illuminated directional indicators for floor mounted products
  • Novel methods of manufacture of regulating wheels for the bearing industry
  • New hobbing technology for the manufacture of steel tooling
  • Metal removal techniques for the manufacture of large diameter titanium landing legs


  • Non-invasive connector technology
  • Fabricated aluminium swinging arm for the motor cycle industry
  • Swaging technologies for specialist fastener production
  • Multi-component punch for the bearing industry
  • Hot heading process for tubular products
  • A concealed in-vehicle automatic wheelchair packing and unpacking system
  • Advanced rotary engine technology

Bio Technology

  • Anti microbial system for wound care with particular focus on leg and foot ulceration
  • Intelligent wound management system


  • Advanced coloured ad-mixture for the construction industry
  • Mechanical moving skates for moving large objects on volatile surfaces
  • Strategic development of a PVC-U window manufacturer
  • New structural cladding technology


  • Cultural change to drive up productivity at a leading European drill bit manufacturer
  • Large diameter pneumatic drilling equipment
  • Carbide core drill
  • Re-engineering of a pneumatic drilling product manufacturer
  • Systems evaluation and change management of a down the hole drilling manufacturer
  • Support guide pads for deep hole drilling applications
  • De-merger of world leading drilling equipment manufacturer and re-engineering of businesses


  • Systems redesign and change management project at a leading UK manufacturer of domestic and industrial lighting
  • Re-engineering of a mouldings company following management buy-in

Energy Management

  • Advanced energy management systems
  • Micro energy management systems
  • Advanced low energy communication and sensor technologies

Food & Drink

  • New generation of machine knives for the food industry using powder-metallurgy stainless steel with deposited wear coatings


  • New coatings for the glassware industry
  • Glass inspection technology


  • Hardware and software to enable CAD/ CAM dental restoration with ceramic inserts
  • Pressure bandage system for treatment of burns
  • Simultaneous multiple analyte reagent technology for the pharmaceutical sector
  • Anti-microbial wound healing technology
  • Orthosis design and manufacturing technology
  • Advanced orthotic systems and materials
  • Hip implant products
  • Orthopaedic equipment for the animal and human healthcare markets
  • Advanced scoliosis treatment technology for children
  • Strategic development of an advanced laboratory analysis systems company


  • Intelligent network distribution system for automated delivery of bespoke audio, text and visual media combining satellite and internet technologies
  • Integrated artificial intelligent diagnostic system for condition monitoring of machinery
  • Scalable third party systems for access and management of Internet server applications with a wireless communications device


  • Diagnostic tools for condition monitoring based on oil analysis
  • Integrated Production Management Systems
  • Bio-reactor technology
  • Automated spiral blade manufacturing system


  • Corrosion suppression technology


  • Strategic development and internationalisation of a media distribution company
  • A fully integrated digitally based and fully bespoke music, messaging, graphic and video delivery service
  • Automated global delivery of bespoke streaming audio, text and visual media


  • Innovative automated insole manufacturing technology
  • New dressing technology incorporating natural protein and atomic silver
  • New non-invasive hip resurfacing implant and instrumentation
  • Female Sterilisation system

Metals & Minerals

  • Insert technology for stripper nozzle entry guides on steel rolling mills
  • Automated hard facing manufacture
  • Automated bar feed systems
  • Modular ladle lip system for furnace rejuvenation
  • Advanced aluminium dross pressing technology

Oil & Gas

  • Suit of expansion tools for oil exploration
  • Insert technology for gear planing machines
  • Expansion stabiliser and reamer technologies for oil exploration
  • Intelligent disconnection system for down hole tooling


  • New methods of manufacture for powdered high speed steel circular machine knives
  • Low friction sealing jaws for the packaging industry


  • New moulding technology for large diameter pipework


  • Strategic Planning and implementation at one of the region's leading printing companies


  • Advanced measurement guage for the railway industry


  • Automated global delivery of bespoke streaming audio, text and visual media

Water & Sewage

  • Membrane production plant for water treatment
  • Directional drilling technology in utilities market
  • Expansion joint for water and sewage applications
  • Accelerated curing of resins for pipework repair